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Screaming O Orbit
Screaming O

Screaming O Orbit

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The Orbit is a stretchy vibrating rocket ring with an aerodynamic apex that stimulates with out-of-this-world sensations. This sleek shape transfers vibration through three tactile extensions while the snug ring helps him maintain stronger, longer-lasting erections. Couples can toggle through 3 warp speeds plus a pulsar vibration to tease, please and send them over the moon for the ultimate galactic encounter.
Simply stretch the Orbit around the penis and testicles and position it at the base of his body – it will fit tight and snug – with the apex on top for clitoral stimulation or on bottom to vibrate behind his balls. The snug fit slows blood flow to the penis to help keep him harder and last longer with more intense orgasms while also helping to prevent premature ejaculation.
And the Orbit’s unique power positioning provides direct contact to the clitoris, which stimulates and helps her get closer to orgasm with every stroke. The Orbit makes it easy for couples to strap in and blast off together as they enjoy better, more exciting sex.

• Stretchy vibrating rocket ring
• Snug cock ring helps him shoot for the stars
• 3 warp speeds + pulsar vibration
• Snug “Cargo Hold” ring helps prevent premature blast-off

Additional Information
• Reusable
• Replaceable AG13 batteries last 45+ minutes
• Latex- and phthalate-free
• Wireless
• Waterproof

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