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Cyber Skin - Vulcan Mouth Stroker w/Warming Lube - Cream - Jojo's Secret
Cyber Skin

Cyber Skin - Vulcan Mouth Stroker w/Warming Lube - Cream

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The Vulcan Cyberskin Mouth Stroker and Warming Lube has a smooth, suction-enhancing inner sleeve and gently warming lubricant to create the hot, wet feel of a real mouth and throat. The tunnel of the stroker slides slickly over and around with just a dab of warming lube, while the sensuous lips squeeze and please.

The durable, 100% waterproof sleeve makes clean-up and care a cinch. Simply turn inside out, hand wash with antibacterial soap, and allow to dry completely after each use.

To keep this masturbator looking and feeling fresh, use only water-based lubricants and treat as needed with Renew Cyberskin Rejuvenating Powder.

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